Wine-Based Amari ‘Fine, Filter, Shake, Pour’ – Saturday, June 19th


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At the end of a long meal, we all have our favorite beverage to reach for. A single malt scotch or a strong double shot of espresso, or perhaps you are reaching for an Amaro.

Amaro is unrivalled in its palate effect, it makes a perfect open or finish to a meal. The Italian category of Amaro, that means “bitter” is wide ranging. Amari are not only macerated and distilled herbs but are also aromatized and wine-based beverages.  Amari has a long history, tracing back to Italian monks who made medicinal elixir with roots and herbs, meant to stimulate appetite and digestion.

Cocktail bars around the country are putting Amaro in the center of their creative and sometimes avant garde concoctions. Complexly spiced and both sweet and bracingly bitter, Amaro is also a surprisingly versatile cocktail ingredient. Herbal flavors, vinous texture and depth of flavor are harmonious and familiar to traditional wine drinkers and add a welcome breadth when used in mixed drinks. 

In House Sommelier Chris Peterman will be discussing the wine regions of Piemonte and Trentino-Alto Adige and their role in the creation of wine-based Amari like Cocchi Barolo Chinato and Pasubio. Beverage Director Mark Hibbard will be discussing the details of the herbs and botanicals that are perfectly balanced to produce a deeply complex and satisfying taste. Mark will also be using Amaro to mix you a few of his favorite cocktails to exhibit the truly fabulous and often misunderstood category of wine-based Amaro.  



Back Room

10 Dana Street

Old Port

Portland, ME 04101

Saturday Afternoon

Saturday, June 19th 


$40 (gratuity not included).


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